Enterprise Single Sign-on

Enabling a single sign-on solution to lower costs and increase security is easy with help from out consulting services.

Eliminate the costs and risks of multiple user names and passwords

Password-related issues can create unacceptable risks and costs for your organization, because relying on your employees to remember long lists of user names and passwords can create severe consequences. But now our company and our global network of trusted partners, removes your password-related challenges with the flexible Enterprise Single Sign-on Standard Deployment engagement. Now you can design, configure, test and deploy a pilot single sign-on solution that provides central­ized administration, facilitates security policy enforcement and regulatory compliance, enables advanced security capabilities and streamlines access to a wide range of applications and websites.

Enterprise Single Sign-on Standard Deployment

The Enterprise Single Sign-On Standard Deployment offering is an on-site engagement that focuses on establishing a flexible enterprise single sign-on foundation. This engagement is designed so that you can easily expand it to include more systems, applications and users. The core offering leverages the Unified Delivery Process and includes a limited scope pilot deployment into your production environment.

Engagement details

Pilot deployment made simple

As part of the Enterprise Single Sign-on Standard Deployment, your consulting team will work with you to:

  • Configure up to 10 enterprise-wide applications for single sign-on. This can include applications running on a variety of different platforms, including Win32, terminal emulators, Java, Citrix, the Internet and others
  • Connect up to 100 users to your pilot enterprise single sign-on solution
  • Set the stage for adding additional applications, users and advanced security capabilities as you expand beyond the pilot deployment stage

The Enterprise Single Sign-on Standard Deployment will use the following phases to deliver your solution.


During this initial phase, your consulting team will work with you to develop a high-level understanding of your environment and objectives. This includes conducting a direction setting exercise to identify your business objectives, define short- and long-term initiatives and establish clear enterprise single sign-on goals.


The elaboration phase carefully assesses your business and technological require­ments, defines the scope of your single sign-on deployment and maps your requirements to specific functional areas. This requirements assessment leads directly to the development of a detailed design that brings all the pieces together into a cohesive architecture.


The construction phase involves installing and configuring your enterprise single sign-on solution in an isolated laboratory environ­ment, developing a detailed testing and deployment plan and conducting thorough integration testing. As part of this process, your consulting team will also help you perform user acceptance testing and make any necessary adjustments to the solution.


After constructing and testing the solution in a lab setting, your consulting team will deploy the final pilot solution into your live production environment, then make arrangements to provide the ongoing assistance and support to move forward. After the engagement ends, you'll have the technology architecture and documented knowledge in place to use the solution effectively and quickly extend enterprise single sign-on across all your users, systems and applications.

Find out more

Need to know more? Use the handy resource below to find out more details about access governance consulting as well as Services in general.

Enterprise Single Sign-on Standard Deployment (PDF)


Using a Enterprise Single Sign-on Deployment, you can:

  • Simplify security by reducing usernames and passwords
  • Improve security and compliance
  • Lower password- and identity-related IT costs and workloads
  • Ensure industry best-practices are followed

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