Cloud Security Service Deployment

Our consulting and their partners can help you guarantee secure access to cloud service.

Help provide secure access to your customers!

If you are a cloud service provider, security is one of your customers' major concerns. How can you assure your customers that you have secured your cloud service, providing the right access to right people? Our consulting and its partners can help you implement an easily-shared security framework to resolve access concerns to cloud-based service.

Utilize the power of the cloud confidently

The flexibility to pay for computing resources and services based on demand is enticing to may enterprises. However, companies everywhere are reluctant to utilize the cloud because of security concerns. Can identity be tracked across the cloud? Can access to services from multiple vendors be controlled in a simple and cost-effective manner? Can zero-day start-and-stop capabilities be ensured if resources and services reside outside a company's firewall? All of these are questions that your potential customers ask when deciding on cloud service. We can help cloud service providers address these concerns so you can assure your customers that their identity, security, and compliance mandates will be maintained while enjoying the benefits of cloud computing.

Cloud Security Service

Cloud Security Service gives cloud service vendors the power to manage user access, secure data storage, and ensure regulatory and corporate compliance. Based on "annexation" technology, the Cloud Security Service lets enterprises treat cloud service as a natural extension of their data center by delivering single-sign on capabilities using a federated enterprise identity model. As a result, organizations can confidently use your cloud applications and assets with the assurance that their specific corporate security policies and regulatory concerns will be enforced in the cloud.

With Cloud Security Service, cloud computing providers can accept trusted identity information in many formats without having to replicate credentials at their site and manage those credentials separately. Only our company provides both single sign-on and support for the sharing of roles, policies and workflows in a cloud computing environment.

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Getting expert help for your deployment

Many organizations struggle with the challenge of tracking identity and controlling access to cloud resources and services. Our consulting and its partners can help you and your customers maintain a secure and compliant enterprise by utilizing Cloud Security Service. Specifically, our experts can help you to:

Provide automatic user deprovisioning to your customers—By leveraging Cloud Security Service, you can immediately stop your customer's employees whose roles have changed, or who have left the organization, from accessing confidential data using old credentials.

Leverage existing identity infrastructure for cloud access—Chances are, your customers already have identity and access solutions in place. Cloud Security Service can use their existing identity infrastructure to provide needed verification before allowing access to your cloud services.

Ensure compliance mandates are being met for cloud resources—Your customers may want records stored on your end or access events sent to their security information and event management systems. Either way, Cloud Security Service can provided the needed access information to help your customers meet their compliance mandates.

Improve your customer's single sign-on experience—Cloud Security Service uses industry standards to allow enterprise users single sign-on access to your cloud services.

With a Cloud Security Service Deployment offering from our consulting or one of its partners—you can offer easy-to-use security options to your cloud service customers.

Benefit from proven methodologies

Our consulting follows an established methodology to reduce project risk and to increase your likelihood of success. Your organization can also benefit from leveraging best practices and receiving hands-on architectural assistance from experts with experience on Cloud Security Service.

Discovery: Establish the business needs for a cloud-computing security solution and define the high-level project scope.

Inception: Set a direction and determine the scope. Create a high-level solution design that addresses your specific cloud-computing security challenges.

Elaboration: Gather business and technical requirements. Design a specific solution for your environment.

Construction: Begin cloud security solution implementation. Deploy in a lab environment to ensure that the different parts of the solution are working well.

Transition: Plan exit activities, including functionality and performance testing. Begin support and training activities.

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Need to know more? Use the handy resource below to find out more details about cloud security service consulting as well as Services in general.

Providing Security to Cloud Services Flyer (PDF)


Using a Cloud Security Service deployment, you can:

  • Flexibly leverage your customers own identity management solutions to provide secure access
  • Save time, money, and management efforts
  • Reduce implementation costs
  • Ensure knowledge transfer to your IT staff

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