Cloud Security Strategy

Our consulting and their partners can help you securely access cloud services.

Worried about cloud security?

If you are considering adopting cloud services into your enterprise—managing who has access to what and securely protecting identity information are major concerns. Our consulting and its partners can help you implement the necessary strategies both inside and outside your firewall to resolve security and access concerns to cloud-based services.

Adopting cloud services confidently

The promise of reducing costs by paying for computing resources, software, and services as needed may be enticing. However, you may also be reluctant to utilize such cloud services because of security concerns. However, Our consulting and its partners can help you address these concerns so you can confidently enjoy the benefits of cloud computing while still maintaining a secure enterprise.

Cloud security begins inside your firewall

The heart of any enterprise cloud security strategy starts with your identity management solution. Without an identity management solution specifically designed to include the cloud—you may be at risk. Identity Manager 4, the next-generation identity management solution from us, can help.

With the Identity Manager 4 family of products, you can enforce enterprise compliant processes with not only internal applications on physical hardware, but virtually-hosted and remote SaaS applications too. Imagine being able to control who has access to what applications—no matter where those applications are running.

Identity Manager 4 provides incredibly scalable and highly available user provisioning and deprovisioning not only for physical and virtual resources inside your firewall, but cloud-deployed resources outside your firewall as well. The Identity Manager 4 family of products can report the user information on any accessed resource, even if that resource is in the cloud.

Effective cloud security involves your service providers

Enjoying a cloud-ready identity management solution is only one-half of any cloud security strategy. The providers of cloud services should also have your security in mind. Luckily, our has a solution that is easily implemented by cloud service providers that allows you to control your own identity information inside your firewall while still guaranteeing secure access to their cloud services.

Cloud Security Service gives cloud service vendors the power to manage user access, secure data storage, and ensure regulatory and corporate compliance—all without storing sensitive identity information on their end. With a few simple plug-ins to your existing identity management infrastructure—you can enjoy simple, secure cloud interactions with any cloud service provider using Cloud Security Service.

Engagement details

Cloud Security Strategy — a consulting overview

Our consulting and its partners are experts in identity management and cloud security solutions. Let them start with a Cloud Security Strategy engagement, a two week-long engagement that assesses the current readiness of your identity management solution to provide secure, identity-drive access to cloud services.

The Cloud Security Strategy engage­ment features interconnected business and technology tracks that converge into a final, integrated cloud security roadmap tailored to your organization. The Cloud Security Strategy methodology includes three distinct phases: assessment, analysis and planning.

Assessment phase

During the Assessment Phase, the following tasks will be accomplished:

  • Confirm drivers and goals
  • Assess current state identity management infrastructure and architecture
  • Assess current identity-related and cloud security processes

Analysis phase

Using the results of the Assessment Phase, the Analysis Phase will:

  • Determine key technology and process gaps
  • Identify needed cloud security capabilities and integration points
  • Identify and prioritize potential cloud security initiatives

Planning phase

The final Planning Phase integrates the findings of the first two phases and will:

  • Define high-level future-state cloud security architecture
  • Develop phased implementation roadmap
  • Document and present final recommendations

With a Cloud Security Strategy engagement from our consulting or one of its partners—you can confidently start to adopt cloud services into your enterprise.

Find out more

Need to know more? Use the handy resource below to find out more details about cloud security strategy consulting as well as Services in general.

Confidently Adopting Cloud Services In Your Enterprise Flyer (PDF)


Using a Cloud Security Strategy offering, you can:

  • Flexibly leverage your identity management solution to help provide secure cloud services access
  • Save time, money, and management efforts
  • Reduce implementation costs
  • Have a solid plan to move to the cloud securely

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