February 3, 2015

NetIQ Access Manager 4.0 Earns EAL 3+ Common Criteria Certification

Accredited Security Certification Reinforces NetIQ’s Commitment to Delivering Secure Access Management

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Houston, TX

NetIQ today announced that it has achieved a Common Criteria Certification at Evaluation Assurance Level 3 with augmented assurance (EAL3+) for Access Manager™ 4.0. NetIQ is committed to developing secure solutions that meet the stringent requirements of the strict international IT security standards to offer organizations the ability to enable a convenient, secure and scalable solution that can handle all organization Web access needs, both internal as well as in the cloud.

Common Criteria is an internationally recognized security certification required by government entities, including US Federal, state and local governments, and enterprise organizations around the world seeking to procure commercial products. As organizations turn to NetIQ Access Manager 4.0 to help them grapple with the heightened demands for secure Web access, and delivery becomes increasingly complex, organizations can feel secure that they can verify the evaluation level certification to the EAL 3+ of the Common Criteria scheme, as defined by ISO/IEC 15408, which addresses product functionality, development environment, documentation, and product testing measures.

"Government organizations across the world are held to a rigorous set of performance and security standards for any technology implemented in their infrastructure," said Michael F. Angelo, chief security architect at NetIQ. "This new Common Criteria certification for Access Manager 4.0 reaffirms our ongoing commitment to our government customers and their successful adoption and use of our solutions."

NetIQ Access Manager 4.0 achieved Common Criteria certification through Electronic Warfare Associates—Canada, Ltd. (EWA-Canada), whose test lab is accredited to perform evaluations against the Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation (CC) under the Canadian and the Swedish Common Criteria Schemes. The final evaluation report was produced by EWA-Canada and its partner Combitech AB, a licensed evaluation facility for Common Criteria under the Swedish Common Criteria Scheme which awarded the CC Certification.

"This certification of Access Manager 4.0 is the latest in NetIQ's ongoing program to certify their products to adhere to strict international IT security standards," said Erin Connor, Director of the Common Criteria Test Lab at EWA-Canada. "This certification demonstrates the international nature and ultimate global value of the Common Criteria Certification process. As part of this program, Access Manager 4.0 has successfully undergone rigorous evaluation and testing in achieving this EAL 3+ certification. With this recognition, organizations worldwide can be confident that Access Manager 4.0 can play a trusted role in the protection of their critical information."

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