May 8, 2005

NetIQ Unveils New Knowledge-Based Service Assurance Strategy

Uniquely Designed to Empower IT managers with the Knowledge They Need to Assure Service Levels

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NetIQ Corp. (Nasdaq: NTIQ), a leading provider of integrated systems and security management solutions, today unveiled its new corporate strategy - Knowledge-Based Service Assurance. Knowledge-Based Service Assurance is a unique, four-tiered product strategy that empowers IT organizations with the knowledge to assure service. The company is presenting its new strategy and related products and technologies at a customer and analyst event today in New York.

Enabling IT to Become a Trusted Provider of Business Services

Knowledge-Based Service Assurance is designed to help IT departments to better address their core service assurance challenges. Knowledge-Based Service Assurance starts with managing the operational integrity of an organization's distributed IT infrastructure. This process involves the automated assessment, understanding and real-time management of current configurations, known vulnerabilities and risks. It includes such items as the monitoring of key performance, availability and security indicators, as well as auditing the compliance to policies and regulatory requirements.

Once an organization achieves operational integrity, it can then progressively deploy additional Knowledge-Based Service Assurance capabilities to further manage service and mitigate risk. Since IT configurations are never static, the impact of changes to the IT service is continuously assessed, managed and reported on for compliance and risk management purposes.

By successfully addressing these challenges in an integrated fashion, Knowledge-Based Service Assurance empowers the IT organization to meet its ultimate goal — to be a trusted and cost-effective service provider that supports key business objectives and drives success.

NetIQ is providing this capability by uniquely integrating its best-of-breed product suites in a building-block approach that will allow customers to progressively adopt increasing levels of capability as they need it. This approach is being accomplished through a Service-Oriented Architecture that will allow the expanding product suites to tightly integrate and leverage common infrastructure components as well as common reporting, analytics and dashboards.

NetIQ's Knowledge-Based Service Assurance provides the essential elements to meet customers' service assurance needs by:

  • Integrating both systems and security management products: most other solutions provide one or the other.
  • Addressing the needs of the entire organization and various levels of management maturity.
  • Providing best-of-breed award-winning products that are individually easy to use and easy to deploy yet can be integrated in a modular fashion.
  • Embedding knowledge and best practices that allow organizations to better utilize skilled resources as well as to retain core know-how.

"Knowledge-Based Service Assurance provides true insight and accountability to everyone involved in IT, from the people concerned with daily operations to the CIO responsible for assessing risk and compliance," said Chuck Boesenberg, NetIQ's CEO. "At its core, Knowledge-Based Service Assurance answers the key questions of service assurance: what is the problem, where did it originate, what's the impact, how do we best resolve it, and how do we prevent it in the future?"

NetIQ Knowledge-Based Service Assurance Products

The NetIQ product suites that deliver on the Knowledge-Based Service Assurance vision include AppManager® Suite, NetIQ Security Manager™, NetIQ Vulnerability Manager™ and Security Administration Suite. Each of these product suites supports the four key service assurance disciplines of Knowledge-Based Service Assurance which are:

  • Operational Integrity
    Instrument, monitor and protect performance, availability and security and routinely assess the state of system configuration.
  • Service Management
    Align and monitor key performance indicators with internal and external customer needs and explicit compliance requirements.
  • Policy Compliance
    Establish policies and SLAs along with automated processes and procedures for handling service interruptions and policy exceptions.
  • Risk Management
    Measure the risk of service interruptions and security breaches before they occur and automate protection and response.

"Too often, traditional approaches to assuring service tend to be a patchwork of disparate products and technologies that do not fully align IT with broader business goals," said Marc Andrews, senior vice president and general manager, Systems and Security Management, NetIQ. "By contrast, NetIQ's knowledge-based approach to assuring service provides enterprises with a practical means to secure the integrity of critical IT operations and business services. It also enables a much more proactive, policy-based approach to managing risk in the larger context of the business."

Knowledge-Based Service Assurance in Practice

The New York City Department of Information Technology & Telecommunications (NYC DoITT) demonstrates how Knowledge-Based Service Assurance products provide knowledge that translates into superior service. The NYC DoITT provides email and monitoring services for the hosted environments of 35 city agencies, while supporting its own internal network. One of NYC DoITT's clients includes the city's inter-agency 311 service which gives quick, easy access to all New York City government services and information. The department has deployed AppManager, NetIQ Security Manager and Directory and Resource Administrator™ to ensure that it has the knowledge necessary to provide a high level of availability and security to both its internal users and agency clients.

"NetIQ's products have allowed us to quickly identify even the potential for a problem with the infrastructure that supports crucial city agencies and programs such as the 311 systems," said Tom Belajonais, assistant commissioner, New York City Department of Information Technology & Telecommunications. "We can not only monitor but automatically restart any services that fail, as well as collect trend information for important metrics such as CPU and memory utilization. As a result we often prevent problems before they arise. The alternative, relying on our staff to manually monitor for problems, is unthinkable."

For more information about NetIQ's Knowledge-Based Service Assurance strategy or product offerings, please visit the company's website at A live Webcast of the event can be accessed at

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NetIQ (Nasdaq: NTIQ) is a leading provider of integrated systems and security management solutions that empower IT with the knowledge to assure service. NetIQ offers integrated, modular products that give users the ability to ensure operational integrity, better manage services and risk and ensure policy compliance. Headquartered in San Jose, Calif., with offices and development facilities in 16 countries worldwide, NetIQ employs 1,200 people and has more than 3,000 enterprise customers. For more information, please visit the company's web site at or call (888) 323-6768.

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