July 16, 2002

Marshal Software Launches All New Versions of MailMarshal SMTP and MailMarshal Secure

Email Content Security

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Marshal Software today announced the launch of the fifth evolution of the MailMarshal series: MailMarshal SMTP version 5.0. MailMarshal SMTP is a fast, easy-to-use gateway email filter for content security of business emaiIcommunications.

MailMarshal SMTP works like a Customs officer at an International Airport, controlling email content entering or leaving an organization at the electronic gateway to the Internet. When deployed with the optional encryption module, MailMarshal Secure, MailMarshal SMTP delivers a complete solution for enforcing corporate acceptable use standards and Internet security policy.

MailMarshal SMTP features many new capabilities and enhancements, including:


MailMarshal SMTP
  • Configurationimporting/exporting
  • Ruleset scheduling
  • Improved header rewriting
  • Improved rule testing
  • Improved reporting
  • Improved user interface
  • Enhanced performance and precision
  •   MailMarshal Secure
  • Standards-based encryption
  • Automated certificate revocation
  • Automated certificate updating
  • Certificate harvesting
  • Support for cryptographic hardware
  • LDAP synchronization system accelerators

  • "Much of the development work in MailMarshal SMTP has gone into enhancing and polishing the product," said Marshal Software product marketing manager, Eric Freeman. "We have worked hard on maturing MailMarshal SMTP in terms of performance, ease-of-use and advanced features based on input from our customers. MailMarshal Secure has benefited from the real advancements in technology; it is now a true best of breed encryption solution".

    "MailMarshal Secure has been designed to comply with the newly revised Level I1 security requirements established by the New Zealand government's E-government unit, S.E.E. (Secure Electronic Environment)," said Freeman. "In meeting these requirements, MailMarshal Secure has evolved into perhaps the most comprehensive and practical email encryption product available in the world today".

    More About MailMarshal SMTP
    MailMarshal SMTP offers policy-based email content security combined with high message throughput and low server capacity requirements. MailMarshal products support advanced features such as real-time notification of policy breaches, detailed reporting, the ability to place legal disclaimers on emails, message archiving and the flexible application of filtering rules based on the sender, recipient, time of day or message content. They also help protect against email-borne viruses with high-speed support for the leading anti-virus tools. As an option, versions of MailMarshal can be purchased with a fully integrated McAfee anti-virus engine for an all-in-one email content security solution.

    Marshal Software products for email content management and for web filtering are among the most scaleable and fastest-performing in the industry, and are also extremely easy to setup and use. There are currently more than 3,000 Marshal Software installations in 30 countries.

    Pricing and Availability
    MailMarshal SMTP is available now. Software licensing is available from 25 to 100,000+ users. Specific pricing can be obtained from a Marshal Certified Partner.

    To download a free, no obligation evaluation version of MailMarshal SMTP, go to www.marshalsoftware.com.

    About Marshal Software
    Marshal Software is a developer of Internet Content Security since 1994 with software that monitors and controls electronic data entering and leaving an organization. The company's highly scaleable and easy-to-use products, MailMarshal and WebMarshal, manage employee email and web-browsing, while MailMarshal Secure encrypts outgoing data based on S/MIME and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) standards.

    Marshal Software provides a complete suite of products for content security, including:

  • MailMarshal SMTP
  • MailMarshal for Exchange
  • MailMarshal Secure
  • WebMarshal

  • Marshal Software products help protect against threats to network and information security, workplace liability issues, unnecessary bandwidth consumption and worker non-productivity associated with uncontrolled use of the Internet. Offices are located in Atlanta, USA; London, England; Sydney, Australia; and Auckland, New Zealand. Please visit www.marshalsoftware.com for more contact information.

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