There has been a lot of hype recently about the "Internet of Things (IoT)." This is not surprising, as current projections suggest that there may be as many as 50 billion connected devices by 2020.

These devices will capture an unimaginable amount of data. Making sense of and using that data will require a shift in the way companies think about the relationships between individuals, devices and interactions.

For the IoT to truly work, businesses will have to be able to place users, captured data, devices and all of their associated interactions in their proper context. As identity experts, we understand that the best way to do so is by assigning an identity to every device, user and interaction. For the IoT to deliver value, there needs to be a corresponding "identity of things." Without it, the IoT is simply a collection of items generating interesting—but not necessarily actionable—data.

Our solutions can manage the identities of massive numbers of people, devices and products. This identity information is already helping our customers understand the identity relationships so that they're able to separate the things that matter from the rest of the noise. We provide the tools to determine which individuals and devices have permission to do which things, how they got those permissions, and which kinds of interactions make sense. As the IoT grows, this kind of robust understanding of identity will also help address privacy and security concerns, because every action and interaction occurs in a verifiable context. When companies pair identity solutions with security solutions, they are able to alleviate compliance and reporting concerns, while allaying the fears of consumers.

It's all about context. The "identity of things" provides context and meaning for the IoT.

The Evolution of Identity
Jay Gardner, President and General Manager

The Identity of Everything
Geoff Webb, Sr. Director of Solutions Marketing

A Smarter, More Secure Internet of Things
Travis Greene, Identity Solutions Strategist

Customer Example: Gösgen Nuclear Power Plant

"We needed to synchronize the equipment codes and user access across different systems," said Salzmann. "We looked for a single solution that could solve both problems."

Founded in 1979, Gösgen Nuclear Power Plant generates 8,000 GWh of electricity every year, serving thousands of homes across Switzerland. The power plant employs around 500 people, and uses unique equipment codes to log more than 370,000 pieces of equipment in its maintenance planning, document management and computer-aided design (CAD) systems.

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As an identity leader for nearly 15 years, no one is better positioned than us to help companies create an identity foundation for taking advantage of the IoT. Identity-Powered Solutions give context to each and every interaction. By doing so, they help you address your most pressing access and security challenges, while preparing you for the IoT. We Offer:

Identity Manager
A complete, affordable solution to control who has access to what across the enterprise, inside the firewall and into the cloud. It enables companies to provide secure and convenient access to critical information for business users, while meeting compliance demands.

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Identity-Powered Access
A suite of solutions that use integrated identity information to create, modify and retire identities and control their access to enterprise, cloud and mobile resources.

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Identity-Powered Security
Security solutions that leverage identity information to provide visibility and control of user activities, security events and critical systems, enabling organizations to detect and respond to potential threats quickly and decisively.

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