Sentinel Log Manager 1.1 Administration Guide

  Sentinel Log Manager 1.1 Administration Guide
      Before You Begin
      Web User Interface
    Security Considerations
      Best Practices
      Network Communication Options
      Sensitive Data Locations
    Configuring Data Storage
      Types of Data
      Configuring Networked Storage Locations
      Configuring Data Retention Policies
      Configuring Disk Space Usage
      Verifying and Downloading Raw Data Files
      Viewing Local and Networked Storage Capacity
      Using Sequential-Access Storage for Long Term Data Storage
    Configuring Data Collection
      Before You Begin
      Configuring Data Collection for Syslog Event Sources
      Configuring Data Collection for the Novell Audit Server
      Configuring Data Collection for Other Event Sources
      Managing Event Sources
      Viewing Events Per Second Statistics
      Running an Event Search
      Viewing Search Results
      Refining Search Results
      Searching for Events with Empty or Non-Empty Fields
      Exporting Search Results
      Saving a Search Query as a Report Template
      Sending Search Results to an Action
      Running Reports
      Viewing the Reports
      Scheduling a Report
      Adding Report Definitions
      Renaming a Report Result
      Marking Report Results as Read or Unread
      Managing Favorite Reports
      Exporting Report Definitions and Report Results
      Deleting Reports
    Searching and Reporting Events in a Distributed Environment
      Configuring Servers for Distributed Searching and Reporting
      Searching for Events
      Managing the Distributed Search Results
      Viewing the Search Activities
      Running Reports
      Managing the Distributed Setup Configuration
    Configuring Tags
      Creating a Tag
      Managing Tags
      Performing Text Refined Searches
      Deleting Tags
      Associating Tags with Different Objects
      Searching Tagged Events
    Configuring Rules and Actions
      Configuring RulesĀ 
      Configuring Actions
      Handling Auto-Created Event Sources without a Time Zone
      Forwarding the Events to Another Sentinel System
    Configuring Users and Roles
      Creating Roles and Users
      Viewing Roles and User Details
      Viewing All Users
      Modifying Roles and Users
      Moving Users to Another Role
      Deleting Roles and Users
    LDAP Authentication
      Setting Up LDAP Authentication
      Creating an LDAP User Account
      Configuring Multiple LDAP Servers for Failover
    Implementing High Availability and Disaster Recovery
      High Availability
      Disaster Recovery
    Managing License Keys
      Adding a License Key
      Viewing License Features
      Deleting a License Key
    Command Line Utilities
      Managing the Sentinel Log Manager Services
      Running the Report Development Utility
      Getting the .jar Version Information
      Reconfiguring Database Connection Properties
      Sentinel Scripts
    Sentinel Log Manager Reports
    Managing Data
      Moving Event Data Storage to a Large Partition
      Directory Structure
      Data Expiration Policy
    Backing Up and Restoring Data
      Parameters for the Backup and Restore Utility Script
      Running the Backup and Restore Utility Script
    Syslog Collector Package Policy
    Event Fields
    Internal Audit Events
      Authentication Events
      User Management
      Event Router
      Event Source Management - General
      Event Source Management - Event Sources
      Event Source Management - Collectors
      Event Source Management - Event Source Servers
      Event Source Management - Connectors
      Data Objects
      Data Retention Policy
      Disk Usage Configuration
      Report Definitions and Report Results
    Legal Notices