14.5 Sentinel Scripts

The /opt/novell/sentinel_log_mgr/bin directory contains some or all of the scripts mentioned below. The operational scripts are appropriate for use during normal operations of Sentinel Log Manager.

For most scripts that require arguments, running the scripts without arguments provides details about the arguments and usage of the script.

The scripts below can be used during the normal operation of Sentinel Log Manager.

Table 14-2 Operational Scripts

Script File:



You can use this to configure the database connection settings. For more information, see Reconfiguring Database Connection Properties.


For more information, see Listening on Ports Below 1024.


You can use this to add and view license key through the command line. For more information, see Section 13.0, Managing License Keys.


You can use this utility to set up the report development environment. For more information, see Section 14.2, Running the Report Development Utility.


You can use this script to back up and restore Sentinel Log Manager event data and configuration Data. For more information, see Section C.0, Backing Up and Restoring Data.