14.2 Running the Report Development Utility

You can use the /opt/novell/sentinel_log_mgr/bin/report_dev_setup.sh utility to set up the report development environment. This utility does the following:

To run this utility:

  1. Specify the following command:


    A warning message is displayed indicating that the Sentinel Log Manager server gets restarted after the script is executed.

  2. To continue running the script, press 1.

  3. Specify the root password when prompted.

    The script opens the database port, updates the firewall configuration files, modifies the configuration files and database files.

  4. When prompted to change the rptuser password, do one of the following:

    1. Specify a password for rptuser when prompted. Specify a password and reconfirm the password when prompted.

    2. Continue without changing the password.

      NOTE:The rptuser password is randomly generated during the installation of Sentinel Log Manager. It is a recommended practice to change it here.

      The Sentinel Log Manager Server restarts.

If you require any information or help on the usage of commands, specify the following command:

./report_dev_setup.sh  -h