8.2 Creating a Tag

  1. Log in to Sentinel Log Manager.

  2. Select Tags in the left-hand pane.

    The Tag display panel is displayed.

  3. Click Create to add a tag.

    The Create Tag window is displayed.

  4. Specify a name for the tag. This is a mandatory field.

    Tags have the following naming conventions and you are warned if the name you are specifying does not comply with these conventions:

    • Tag names should not be more than 20 characters.

    • There should not be any white space as part of the tag name.

    • Tag name is case-insensitive. You cannot create two tags with identical names except for capitalization. For example, you cannot have two tag names IDM and idm, because both are perceived as same names.

    • Articles such as a and the cannot be tag names.

  5. Specify a description for the tag. This is an optional field.

    If the tag name is available, a message is displayed.

    If a tag with the same name already exists, then you are informed of the same so that you can create a tag with a different name.

  6. Click Save.