2.4 Sensitive Data Locations

For certain components, passwords must be stored so that they are available to the components when the system needs to connect to a resource such as a database or an event source. In this case, the password is first encrypted to avoid unauthorized access to the clear-text password.

Even if the password is encrypted, you must ensure that the access to the stored password data is protected in order to avoid password exposure. For example, you can set permissions to ensure that files with sensitive data are not readable by other users.

Database credentials are stored in the Installation_Directory/config/server.xml file.

    <property name="username">appuser</property>
    <property name="password">7fA+ogBMeK7cRbJ+S6xJ/InLBUi+sRVGK5qYycDxfIqGDHVX9FApWg==</property>

Following is an example of Database Credentials in the configuration.xml file:

<strategy active="yes" id="jms" location="com.esecurity.common.communication.strategy.jmsstrategy.activemq.ActiveMQStrategyFactory" name="ActiveMQ">
      <jms brokerURL="ssl://localhost:61616?wireFormat.maxInactivityDuration=0&amp;jms.copyMessageOnSend=false" interceptors="compression" keystore="../config/.activemqclientkeystore.jks" keystorePassword="password" password="ebccfebf4ec3dac874494b992a91a3c9" username="system"/>

The following database tables store passwords (/certificate) in the encrypted format.You must limit access to these tables.

Sentinel Log Manager stores both configuration data and event data in the following locations:

Table 2-2 Locations for Configuration Data and Event Data


Location for Configuration Data

Location for Event Data

Event Data

The database tables and file system at /etc/opt/novell/sentinl_log_mgr/config.

This configuration information includes the encrypted database, event source, integrators, and passwords.

The database (EVENTS, CORRELATED_EVENTS, and the EVT_SMRY_* and AUDIT_RECORD tables), and the file system at /var/opt/novell/sentinel_log_mgr/data/events.

NOTE:Event data can be archived to the file system as part of the partition management job.

Collector Manager

The file system at /var/opt/novell/sentinel_log_mgr/data/eventdata and /var/opt/novell/sentinel_log_mgr/data/rawdata. The most sensitive configuration information is the client key pair used to connect to the message bus.

Event data might be cached on the file system during error conditions such as the message bus being down or event overflow.  This event data is stored in the /var/opt/novell/sentinel_log_mgr/data/collector_mgr.cache directory.