Identity Manager Roles Based Provisioning Module 3.7 User Application: Administration Guide

  Identity Manager Roles Based Provisioning Module 3.7 User Application: Administration Guide
      Introduction to the User Application
        About the User Application
        User Application Architecture
        User Application User Types
        Design and Configuration Tools
        What’s Next
    Configuring the User Application Environment
      Designing the Production Environment
        Single Sign On (SSO) Configuration
        Digital Signature Configuration
        Enabling Anonymous or Guest Access to the User Application
        Configuring Forgotten Password Self-Service
        Performance Tuning
        Localizing and Customizing User Application Strings
        Configuring the Roles and Resources Tab
        Configuring the Compliance Tab
        Configuring the Work Dashboard Tab
        Recreating the Database After Installation
        Changing the Default Administrator Assignments After Installation
        Setting up JMS in WebSphere and WebLogic
      Setting Up Logging
        About Event Logging
        Logging to a Novell Audit or Sentinel Server
        Logging to OpenXDAS
        Log Events
    Administering the User Application
      Using the Administration Tab
        About the Administration Tab
        Who Can Use the Administration Tab
        Accessing the Administration Tab
        Administration Tab Actions You Can Perform
      Application Configuration
        Portal Configuration Tasks
        Working with the Import and Export Tools
        Password Management Configuration
        Web Services
      Page Administration
        About Page Administration
        Creating and Maintaining Container Pages
        Creating and Maintaining Shared Pages
        Assigning Permissions for Pages
        Setting Default Pages for Groups
        Selecting a Default Shared Page for a Container Page
      Portlet Administration
        About Portlet Administration
        Administering Portlet Definitions
        Administering Registered Portlets
      RBPM Provisioning and Security Configuration
        About RBPM Provisioning and Security Configuration
        Provisioning Configuration
        Administrator Assignments
        Team Configuration
        Navigation Access Permissions
    Portlet Reference
      About Portlets
        Accessory Portlets
        Admin Portlets
        Identity portlets
        System Components
      Create Portlet Reference
        About the Create portlet
        Configuring the Create Portlet
        Setting Preferences
        Configuring the Create Portlet for Self-Registration
      Detail Portlet Reference
        About the Detail portlet
        Launching Detail from Other Portlets
        Using Detail on a Page
        Setting Preferences
        Setting up Detail for Anonymous Access
      Org Chart Portlet Reference
        About Org Chart
        Configuring the Org Chart Portlet
        Configuring Org Chart for Guest Access
      Resource Request Portlet
        About the Resource Request Portlet
        Configuring the Resource Request Portlet
      Search List Portlet Reference
        About Search List
        Configuring the Search List portlet
        Configuring Search List for Anonymous Access
    Configuring and Managing Provisioning Workflows
      Configuring the User Application Driver to Start Workflows
        About the User Application Driver
        Setting Up Workflows to Start Automatically
      Managing Provisioning Request Definitions
        About the Provisioning Request Configuration Plug-in
        Working with the Installed Templates
        Configuring a Provisioning Request Definition
      Managing Provisioning Workflows
        About the Workflow Administration Plug-in
        Managing Workflows
        Configuring the E-Mail Server
        Working with E-Mail Templates
    Web Service Reference
      Provisioning Web Service
        About the Provisioning Web Service
        Developing Clients for the Provisioning Web Service
        Provisioning Web Service API
      Metrics Web Service
        About the Metrics Web Service
        Metrics Web Service API
        Metrics Web Service Examples
      Notification Web Service
        About the Notification Web Service
        Notification Web Service API
        Notification Example
      Directory Abstraction Layer (VDX) Web Service
        About the Directory Abstraction Layer (VDX) Web Service
        VDX Web Service API
        VDX Example
      Role Web Service
        About the Role Web Service
        Role API
        Role Web Service Example
      Resource Web Service
        About the Resource Web Service
        Resource Web Service Interface
      Forgot Password Web Service
        About the Forgot Password Web Service
        Password Management Web Service Interface
    REST Services
      Introduction to Resource Information Services
        About RIS
        WADL Document
      Identities Service
        About the Identities Service
        Accessing and Using the Identities Service
      Password Management and SSO Services
        About the Password Management and SSO Services
        Accessing and Using the Password Management and SSO Services
      Roles Service
        About the Role Service
        Accessing and Using the Role Service
      Work Items Service
        About the Work Items Service
        Accessing and Using the Work Items Service
      Workflow Process and Definition Service
        About the Workflow Process and Definition Service
        Accessing and Using the Workflow Process and Definition Service
      Schema Extensions for the User Application
        Attribute Schema Extensions
        Objectclass Schema Extensions
        Resource Definition Object (nrfResource)
        Resource Request Object (nrfResourceRequest)
        Role-Resource Configuration (nrfConfiguration)
        Resource Binding to Users (nrfIdentity)
        Resource Containers
      JavaScript Search API
        Launching a Basic Search using the SearchListPortlet
        Creating a New Query using the JavaScript API
        Performing an Advanced Search Using a JSON-formatted Query
        Retrieving all Saved Queries for the Current User
        Running an Existing Saved Query
        Performing a Search on All Searchable Attributes
      Trouble Shooting
        Permgen Space Error
        E-Mail Notification Templates
        Org Chart and Guest Access
        Provisioning Notification
        Linux Open Files Error
    Legal Notices