2.11 Configuring the Compliance Tab

This section provides details on configuring the Compliance tab. Topics include:

2.11.1 Security Roles

The Compliance tab enforces the RBPM security model to secure access to compliance functions. If a user is not a Compliance Administrator, the Compliance tab is not available.

A Compliance Administrator is designated at installation time. After installation, the Security Administrator can assign additional users to the Compliance Administrator role. For details on assigning users to the Compliance Administrator role, see Section 8.3, Administrator Assignments.

2.11.2 E-Mail Notification

When an attestation process is initiated, each attester receives an e-mail message indicating that they must complete a compliance task. The message provides a link to the workflow activity that has been assigned to the attester. This behavior is enabled by default, but can be disabled in Designer.

The Compliance Task (Attestation Notification) template determines the content and format of e-mail messages sent to attesters. For more information on this template, see Section 17.4, Working with E-Mail Templates.