1.5 What’s Next

Now that you have learned about the features and architecture of the Identity Manager User Application, you can start to customizing it as needed for your own business needs. Typically, you’ll be:

Table 1-6 Customizing the User Interface and Identity Self-Service Features

To learn about


Setting up directory abstraction layer objects

Identity Manager User Application: Design Guide

Customizing the Identity Self-Service pages

Section IV, Portlet Reference

Adding new pages and setting page security

Section 6.0, Page Administration

Creating custom instances of the identity portlets

Section 7.0, Portlet Administration

Changing the User Application’s theme or branding

Section 5.1.7, Theme Administration

Localizing the User Application user interface

Section 2.9, Localizing and Customizing User Application Strings

Enabling password self-service

Section 5.3, Password Management Configuration

Table 1-7 Setting Up the Provisioning, Roles, and Resources Features

To learn about


Creating provisioning requests

Identity Manager User Application: Design Guide and Section 16.0, Managing Provisioning Request Definitions

Customizing request and approval forms

Identity Manager User Application: Design Guide

Defining administrator assignments

Section 8.3, Administrator Assignments

Defining teams

Section 8.4, Team Configuration

Defining navigation access permissions

Section 8.5, Navigation Access Permissions

Defining e-mail templates

Identity Manager User Application: Design Guide and Section 17.4, Working with E-Mail Templates

Table 1-8 Setting Up the User Application Production Environment

To learn about


Your production environment topology

Section 2.1, Topology

Setting up security

Section 2.2, Security

Setting up digital signature support

Section 2.4, Digital Signature Configuration

Performance tuning strategies

Section 2.7, Performance Tuning

Setting up a cluster

Section 2.8, Clustering

Setting up logging

Section 3.0, Setting Up Logging

Table 1-9 User Application Configuration for Guest Access

To learn about


Guest or anonymous accounts

Section 2.5, Enabling Anonymous or Guest Access to the User Application

Allowing anonymous users to self-register

Section 10.4, Configuring the Create Portlet for Self-Registration

Allowing anonymous access to the directory search

Section 14.3, Configuring Search List for Anonymous Access

Allowing anonymous access to the My profile or Organizational charts

Section 11.6, Setting up Detail for Anonymous Access and Section 12.3, Configuring Org Chart for Guest Access

Allowing anonymous access to a workflow

Section 13.0, Resource Request Portlet