11.6 Setting up Detail for Anonymous Access

An anonymous user might navigate to the Detail portlet after completing the Create portlet or performing a Search. You can set up a special instance of the Detail portlet just for access by an anonymous or guest user. If you do not set up a separate instance for anonymous access, the user might be prompted to log in before being allowed to access any details of an Identity Vault object. As an alternative to setting up a unique instance for guest access, you could also change the authentication requirement of the standard detail portlet

To set up the detail portlet for anonymous access:

  1. Go to Administration > Portlet Admin.

  2. Register and name a new instance of the DetailPortlet, for example, Public Detail.

  3. Select the new detail portlet instance.

  4. Go to Settings. Set Requires authentication to false.

  5. Click Save Settings.

  6. Go to Preferences and modify the preferences as required. For example, you might want to change the entities or the attributes to display in view and edit mode.

If the anonymous user is allowed to view the detail without logging in, Detail does not display Edit User or Edit Your Information because the portlet detects that the user is not logged in and has no Edit rights. If the anonymous user is forced to log in, edit rights are determined by any policies set in eDirectory for new users in that container.