17.3 Configuring the E-Mail Server

A workflow process often sends e-mail notifications at various points in the course of its execution. For example, an e-mail might be sent when a user assigns a workflow activity to a new addressee.

Before you can take advantage of the e-mail notification capabilities of Identity Manager, you need to configure the SMTP e-mail server. To do this, you need to use the Email Server Options task within the Workflow Administration role in iManager.

NOTE:This task is a shortcut to the Email Server Options task under the Passwords role.

To configure the e-mail server:

  1. Select the Identity Managercategory in iManager.

  2. Open the Workflow Administration role.

  3. Click on the Email Server Options task.

    iManager displays the Email Server Options panel.

  4. Type the name (or IP address) of the host server in the Host Name field.

  5. Type the e-mail address for the sender in the From field.

    When the recipient opens the e-mail, this text is displayed in the From field of the e-mail header. Depending on your mail server settings, the text in this field might need to match a valid sender in the system in order to allow the mail server to do reverse lookups or authentication. An example is helpdesk@company.com instead of descriptive text such as The Password Administrator.

  6. If your server requires authentication before sending e-mail, select the Authenticate to server using credentials check box and specify the username and password.

  7. When you are finished, click OK.