11.3 Launching Detail from Other Portlets

A common use of the Detail portlet is to launch it after selecting an entity from one of the other identity portlets. You can launch Detail from the Search List portlet or from the Org Chart portlet:

11.3.1 Launching Detail from the Search List Portlet

In the Search List portlet, users can click an entity row in the search results in order to display Detail for that entity. For example, clicking the Bill Brown row in the following list displays the Detail portlet with his attribute data:

Figure 11-9 Launching Detail from Directory Search

For more information on the Search List portlet, see Section 14.0, Search List Portlet Reference.

11.3.2 From the Org Chart Portlet

In the Org Chart portlet, users can click the Identity Actions icon for an entity and then select Show Info to display details for that entity.

For more information on the Org Chart portlet, see Section 12.0, Org Chart Portlet Reference.