17.1 About the Workflow Administration Plug-in

The Workflow Administration plug-in to iManager provides a browser-based interface that lets you view the status of workflow processes, reassign activities within a workflow, or terminate a workflow in the event that it is stopped and cannot be restarted.

IMPORTANT:For RBPM 3.7, you need to have the Identity Manager 3.6.1b Plug-in for iManager 2.7.

You can find the Workflow Administration plug-in in the Identity Manager category in iManager. The plug-in includes the Workflows task in the Workflow Administration role.

The Workflow Administration role also includes the Email Templates and Email Server Options tasks. These tasks are shortcuts to other tasks listed under the Passwords role.

The Workflows task comprises the panels listed in Table 17-1.

Table 17-1 Workflows Task: Panels




Provides the primary user interface for administering provisioning workflows. The interface lists workflows currently being processed and lets you perform various actions on these workflows.

When you first start the Workflows task, the Workflows panel requires that you select an Identity Manager User Application driver. The driver points to a workflow server. You need to select a driver before you can log in to the server and begin workflow administration.

When you have selected a driver, you can specify search criteria for selecting the workflows to manage.

Workflow Detail

Provides a read-only user interface for viewing the details about a specific workflow.