4.3 Accessing the Administration Tab

When you are a User Application Administrator (or other permitted user), you can access the Administration tab of the Identity Manager user interface to manage the Identity Manager User Application. You just need a supported Web browser.

For a list of supported Web browsers, see the Roles Based Provisioning Module Installation Guide.

NOTE:To use the Identity Manager user interface, make sure your Web browser has JavaScript* and cookies enabled.

To access the Administration tab:

  1. In your Web browser, go to the URL for the Identity Manager user interface (as configured at your site). For example:


    The Welcome Guest page of the user interface displays:

  2. Click the Login link in the page header.

    The user interface prompts you for a username and password:

  3. Specify the username and password of a User Application Administrator (or a user with some Administration permissions), then click Login.

    After you log in, you see the appropriate user-interface content for that user.

    By default, you are on the Identity Self-Service tab.

  4. Click the Administration tab.

    The Administration tab displays a menu of the administration actions you can perform. Each choice shows a corresponding page of settings and controls.

    For more general information about accessing and working in the Identity Manager user interface, see the Identity Manager User Application: User Guide.