4.58 Troubleshooting Missing Data Points

AppManager for Cisco Unified Communications Manager sends consolidated requests to the Unified Communications Manager server to collect the data used by several CiscoCM Knowledge Scripts. AppManager sends these requests 30 seconds before a script begins each iteration. This 30-second data-collection offset allows enough time for AppManager to execute the query before a script requires the data.

If you notice data points are missing from a job’s data stream, it may be that 30 seconds is not enough time for AppManager to execute all of the queries you need, most likely because you are running several scripts on the same schedule.

You can increase the data-collection offset time by changing a Registry setting:


In the right pane of the Registry Editor, double-click CiscoCM and change the Decimal value from 30 seconds to a larger value that will allow enough time for AppManager to execute the queries for all of the scripts you are running. Keep the value less than the shortest interval specified by any Knowledge Script. For example, if one script runs every one minute, but the others run every five minutes, do not change the Registry setting to a value equal to or greater than 60 seconds.

Changes to this Registry setting affect the data-collection offset time for the following Knowledge Scripts: