NetIQ iManager Installation Guide

  NetIQ iManager Installation Guide
    Planning to Install iManager
      Checklist for Installing iManager
      Understanding the Server and Client Versions of iManager
      Understanding Installation for iManager Plug-ins
      Prerequisites and Considerations for Installing iManager
      System Requirements for iManager Server
      System Requirements for iManager Workstation (Client Version)
    Installing iManager Server and Workstation
      Installing iManager Server and iManager Workstation on Linux
      Installing iManager Server and iManager Workstation on Windows
      Installing iManager Silently
      Installing iManager Patch
    Deploying iManager Using Docker Container
      Why Docker?
      Planning to Deploy iManager Using Docker Container
      Deploying iManager Container
      Post-Installation Tasks
      Managing iManager Data Storage
      Upgrading iManager Using Docker Container
    Post-Installation Tasks for iManager
      Replacing the Temporary Self-Signed Certificates for iManager
      Configuring iManager for IPv6 Addresses after Installation
      Specifying an Authorized User for eDirectory
    Upgrading iManager
      Upgrade Scenarios
      Authorized Users
      Updating Role Based Services
      Re-Installing or Migrating Plug-in Studio Plug-ins
    Uninstalling iManager
      iManager Workstation
    Legal Notice