3.4 Post-Installation Tasks

Perform the following tasks after deploying the iManager container:

3.4.1 Installing iManager Plug-Ins

To install the Plug-ins, perform the following steps:

  1. Login to iManager.

  2. Go to Configure > Plug-in Installation.

  3. Add the Plug-ins from the local file system if the required plug-ins cannot be downloaded from the external download site. Alternatively, you can add plugins to the available iManager plug-ins list using bind mount. For more information, see Installing the iManager Plug-Ins During Container Startup.

  4. Install the required plug-ins from the available iManager plug-ins list.

  5. Restart the iManager container using docker restart iMan320

    NOTE:Restarting iManager will restart Tomcat and populate the plug-ins inside iManager-volume.

3.4.2 Replacing the Temporary Self-Signed Certificates

After deploying the iManager container, you must replace the temporary self-signed certificates for iManager. For more information, see Replacing the Temporary Self-Signed Certificates for iManager.