3.6 Upgrading iManager Using Docker Container

When a new version of iManager image (for example imanager:3.2.1) is available, the administrator can perform an upgrade procedure to deploy container with the latest version of iManager. Ensure to store all necessary application related data persistently in Docker volumes before performing an upgrade. Perform the following steps to upgrade iManager using Docker container:

  1. Stop and remove the running iManager container. Since the running containers cannot use the new image, they should be stopped and removed before performing an upgrade.

  2. Start a new container using the new iManager image and the application data of the old container stored in Docker Volumes:

    The following example shows how to start an iManager container with the Volume of the old container:

    docker run -it --name=iMan321 --net=host --restart on-failure:5 --memory="1000M" --cpuset-cpus="2" --volume iManager-volume:/config --volume /path/to/iManager.env:/etc/opt/novell/iManager/conf/iManager.env imanager:3.2.1

NOTE:You must use the iManager.env file in the Docker run command to retain the configuration of the old iManager container.