2.0 Managing Your Technology and Services with Operations Center

Operations Center provides a platform to integrate information captured by multiple management systems to provide a single view of your technology environment.

Using Operations Center’s single, integrated view lets you optimize the:

  • Management of Technology Resources. Relate data from multiple management systems to understand how one component of an environment impacts other components.

  • Performance of Services Supported by the Technology. Align the integrated data to specific business processes.

  • Responsiveness to Events in the Technology Environment. Translate the integrated data into a consistent set of monitoring and reporting metrics available to managers across the organization.

The Operations Center platform consists of a suite of tools and functionality that offer a wide range of possibilities for design, deployment, and ongoing management of your technology and business environment. While quick and easy to get started, Operations Center offers the ability to be fully customized so that your implementation can be as unique as your business needs, technology environment, and your imagination.

This platform provides a variety of functions that provide the following core competencies: