2.4 Visualizing Data

Operations Manager has various views to help you visualize your data and its impact on your business services. Operations Center console provides various console views and portlets of data that includes visualization, hierarchies, charts, relationships and impact summaries:

  • Navigational Network Diagram. A dynamic graphical interface that enables moving across the entire enterprise, managing applications, servers, and network components. The network view displays relationships among system components within a large infrastructure with the selected element at the center, with spokes connecting to child elements. The line colors identify the conditions of the child elements. The Network View is a feature of the Operations Center console.

  • Relationships. Enhanced visualization and navigation of element relationships. The Relationship view is a feature of the Operations Center console and dashboard.

  • Performance Charts & Reporting. Chart real-time and historical data from some management systems. The performance view is available in the console as well as in the dashboard. Performance data is also analyzed for service level agreements with the Performance Analysis window, a features of the Service Level Management tool. In addition, reports on data are available via Dashboard portlets. You can also create custom reports using third-party tools by using SQL Views. For more information on SQL Views, see Operations Center 5.6 SQL Views Guide.

  • Layout Diagrams and Drawings. A visual analysis of critical relationships and conditions across multiple element hierarchies. The dynamic linking feature binds graphics in a drawing to element conditions and attributes, thus enabling automatic updates of the drawing when elements change. A set of drawing tools for adding shapes, colors, text, and many other features found in standard drawing products gives you full control of your representation. Build Layout drawings in the Operations Center console which are then published to others in the Dashboard. For more information about the layout drawings, see the Operations Center 5.6 Custom Drawing and Layout Guide.

For information about console views, see the Operations Center 5.6 User Guide. For more information about Dashboard portlets, see the Operations Center 5.6 Dashboard Guide.