Help for the Identity Applications Dashboard

  Help for the Identity Applications Dashboard
    Welcome to Identity Manager
      Applications Page
        Customize the Applications Page
      Configure the Applications Page
        Create and Edit Items and Permissions
        Add, Modify, or Delete a Category
      Customize Your Dashboard
        Manage the Global Dashboard
        Manage Widgets and Layouts
        Add a Widget
        Configure a Widget
        Change the Dashboard Layout
      Review Your Permissions
        Review the Details of a Permission
        Find a Permission of Self
        Find a Permission of Others
        Remove a Permission
        Customize Columns
      Request Permissions
        Request Permission(s)
        Find a Permission to Request
        Manage Featured Items
      Review a History of Requests
        Review the Details of a Request
        Find a Request of Self
        Find a Request of Others
        Raise a Helpdesk Ticket
        Cancel a Request
        Customize the View
      View and Manage Tasks
        Viewing your Tasks
        Approve and Deny Requests
        Managing Requests for Approval or Denial
        Manage Helpdesk Tasks
        Customize Columns
      Act as or Assign a Proxy
        Act as a Proxy
        Manage Proxy Assignments
      Manage Approvals by Email
        Configuring Email-based Approvals
      View Teams
        Create a New Team
        Modify an Existing Team
      Add a Team
        Create a New Team
        Add Permissions to the Team
        Use Case Example
      Modify a Team
    Users and Organization Chart
      View and Manage Users
        Find a User
        Create a User Profile
        Modify a User’s Profile
        View a User’s Organization Chart
      View and Manage Delegations
        List Delegations
        Create a Delegation
        Modify Delegations
      Specifying Your Availability
        View Availability Status
        Change the Availability Status
        Create an Availability Setting
        Edit an Availability Setting
    Client Customization
      Customize the User Interface
        Manage Clients
        Control User Access
        Customize the Views
        Customize the Branding
        Client Helpdesk Settings
        Manage Dashboard Widgets
    Legal Notice