3.0 Managing the Authenticators of Users

An authenticator is a set of encrypted data that contains your authentication information. You can use authenticators to log in to different operating systems such as Linux, Mac OS, and Windows. You can also use these authenticators to log in to VPN and web portals such as Citrix NetScaler, Office 365, SalesForce, and so on. Some of the authenticators such as SMS, Email, Voice OTP, Swisscom Mobile ID, LDAP Password, and RADIUS are enrolled automatically.

You can enroll the authenticators on behalf of the users who require assistance with authentication. After you log in with your credentials the User to manage screen is displayed. You must specify the credentials of the user whose authenticators you want to enroll.

For example, Smith is assigned as a Helpdesk administrator. John is an employee who has enrolled authenticators, such as Card and PIN. John forgets to get his card to the office. John approaches Smith because John is unable to authenticate. Smith logs in to the helpdesk portal, and then on the User to manage screen, Smith specifies the username and password of John. This allows Smith to enroll the Card method and authenticate John.

You can enroll the following authenticators on behalf of the users: