3.1 Bluetooth

The Bluetooth method enables you to authenticate using any Bluetooth enabled device that is within the range. When you initiate authentication, the Advanced Authentication server searches for the enrolled Bluetooth device. If the enrolled device is within the range, you are authenticated successfully.

For example, Susanne, who is a doctor, attends many in-patients in the hospital. She accesses the computer located in each room to monitor and update the health status of the patient. In this case, Susane can specify her first-factor authentication details and use her Bluetooth enabled mobile phone to log in to the computer automatically when she is within range of a particular room. When she exits the room, she is logged out of that computer automatically.

NOTE:To use this method, you must install the Advanced Authentication Device Service. For more information about Device Service, see Advanced Authentication - Device Service guide.

3.1.1 Enrolling the Bluetooth Authenticator

  1. Click the Bluetooth icon in Add Authenticator.

  2. (Optional) Specify a comment related to the Bluetooth authenticator in Comment.

  3. (Optional) Select the preferred category from Category.

  4. Turn on the Bluetooth in your device and ensure that it is discoverable to the other Bluetooth devices.

  5. Select your Bluetooth enabled device from the list in the Add Bluetooth authenticator page.

    NOTE:If your device is not listed, click Refresh list to reload the Bluetooth enabled devices.

  6. Click Save.

    A message Authenticator "Bluetooth" has been added is displayed.

3.1.2 Testing the Bluetooth Authenticator

NOTE:During authentication, ensure that your mobile device is discoverable.

  1. Click the Bluetooth icon in Enrolled Authenticators.

  2. Click Test.

    A message Waiting for the Bluetooth service is displayed. If the enrolled Bluetooth device is within the range, a message Authenticator "Bluetooth" passed the test is displayed.

If the Advanced Authentication Device Service is not installed on the system where you want to authenticate, an error message Bluetooth service is not available is displayed. Install the Device Service and try to authenticate again.