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Server status appears as "offline" in Hosts Console

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NetIQ Privileged User Manager
NetIQ Privileged Account Manager


Server status appears as "offline" in Hosts Console after agent was successfully registered
Agent registered with Framework Manager, but now shows "offline"
Agent appears in an "offline" state in the Administration, Hosts Console
Agent already or previously registered


Please verify the following:

  1. Time is synchronized between the Manager and Agent.
    Note: Time synchronization is a service that maintains consistent server time across the network. Time synchronization is provided by the server operating system, not by Privileged Account Manager (PAM). PAM relies on the time reported by the server operating system. Please refer to operating system documentation for more details regarding time synchronization strategies.

  2. Agent resolves and is reachable by the Manager:
    Note: To determine the Agent's registered DNS Name / IP Address, see Viewing Host Details.
    • nslookup <Agent's DNS Name>
    • ping <Agent's DNS Name / IP Address>

  3. Manager and Agent can communicate in both directions via the port specified when the agent was registered with the Framework Manager (default is 29120):
    Note: See Opening Firewall Ports. Also, it may be required to Install Telnet Client on Windows.
    • Verify network communication is possible:
      • From the Manager server:
        telnet <Agent's DNS Name / IP Address> 29120
        netcat -zv <Agent's DNS Name / IP Address> 29120
      • From the Agent server:
        telnet <Manager's DNS Name / IP Address> 29120
        netcat -zv <Manager's DNS Name / IP Address> 29120
    • Check the status of servers according to application communication:
      Note: In the following commands, please replace <Agent Name> and <Manager's Agent Name> with the appropriate Agent Name configured in the Hosts Console.
      • From the Manager server:
        /opt/novell/npum/sbin/unifi -u admin regclnt status -S <Agent Name> -M rexec | grep -i status
      • From the Agent server:
        /opt/novell/npum/sbin/unifi -u admin regclnt status -S <Manager's Agent Name> -M rexec | grep -i status


Network communication / configuration issues: time not synchronized, failed DNS lookups, firewall blocking port 29120.

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  • Creation Date:17-NOV-15
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    • NovellPrivileged Account Manager (Privileged User Manager)

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