14.0 Exporting and Importing Configurations

The export and import functionality of SecureLogin creates an XML file that is external to the directory. You can distribute and back up this file across directory types, servers, domains, containers, group policies, organizational objects, and user objects.

You can also copy configurations to a container, which is internal to the directory.

You can export or import the following XML file types:

NOTE:Data exported to XML by iManager can be imported only through iManager.

Data exported to XML by SLManager can be imported only through SLManager.

If you try importing a configuration exported through SLManager, a Java warning message indicating, java.lang.NullPointerException : null is displayed.

You cannot export through iManager and import using SLManager or vice versa.

Some of the features explained in this section are available only in SLManager. Such features are explicitly indicated. Otherwise, all the features are available in both the administrative management utilities.