3.0 Populating Service Models

After defining the components of a service model, populate it with elements from different sources. These elements drive the state of the service model. They are brought into Operations Center using standard adapters, and custom adapters. It is also possible to generate elements from external data sources using the Service Configuration Manager (SCM) or the Import Configuration feature. In addition, you can drag and drop elements from anyplace in the Elements hierarchy to a service model.

This section focuses on using the property matching criteria to assign elements, and the options used to move or copy elements within the Explorer pane. Table 3-1 summarizes the different methods for populating a service model:

Table 3-1 Methods for Populating Service Models

Operations Center Feature


Match Elements by Criteria (available in a service model element’s Elements property page)

  • Assigns elements to a service model using the following criteria:

    element name or DName, element property, or element class

Standard Adapters

  • Connects to and communicates with third-party management systems. Operations Center ships with a large number of adapters, each written for a specific network or systems management product.

  • The complete list of standard adapters, as well as the integration and configuration steps necessary to integrate each one, are described in the Operations Center 5.6 Adapter and Integration Guide.

Data Integrator

  • A custom adapter that brings in data from a defined database and builds out all the elements, properties, and alarms. Provides a way to access business metrics from databases not available using standard adapters.

  • The Data Integrator is an optional component of the Operations Center platform and is licensed as a separate product. For more information, see the Operations Center 5.5 Data Integrator Guide.

Drag and Drop elements

  • A method of manually fine-tuning a service model. Simply drag and drop elements from anyplace in the Elements hierarchy to a service model component. There are additional menu options to copy, cut, paste, and link elements within the Explorer pane.

To populate service models, review the following sections: