4.0 Defining SLAs

A Service Level Agreement (SLA) is an agreement to meet a specific level of service for a business service.

A health grade is calculated for an SLA to determine compliance. The health grade is based on requirements or objectives that have quantifiable measurements. For more information on how to define objectives, see Section 5.0, Defining Objectives.

Define and maintain SLAs in the Operations Center console. It is possible to use SLAs defined on other Operations Center servers; these are called remote SLAs (see Section 8.0, Remote SLA Reporting). It is possible to override SLA settings for child elements, if necessary.

After an SLA is defined, there are options for monitoring its status and reporting its metrics:

Note that users must have Define permissions to create or modify SLAs. For more information about permissions, see the Operations Center 5.6 Security Management Guide.