4.5 Understanding Deleting SLAs and Elements with SLAs

You can delete an SLA that is applied to an element. You can also delete elements to which SLAs are applied. Because of the deletion, service level reports might have difficulty accessing the information.

4.5.1 Understanding Deleting Agreements or Objectives

When an agreement definition is modified or deleted, existing service level data is retained in the Business Service Warehouse. However, because service level reports are run only on current or active service level definitions, any deleted agreement or objective definitions are not displayed in the service level reports.

In order to reproduce the previous service level reports for the deleted agreement, re‑create the agreement or objective definition using its preexisting settings. Because reports are generated based solely on the settings of the current agreement or objective definition if new settings differ from the preexisting agreement, the report results are different because they are based on the new and current settings.

All service level metric data previously captured (for example, availability, downtime, outage, key performance metric values) is retained in the database and can be referenced again when the agreement or objective definition is recreated.

However, as no new data is captured from the point when the agreement or objective definition is deleted until it is re‑created, gaps can exist when no data is available—particularly for key service level metric data (such as data evaluated using a custom objective). Availability, downtime, and outage data might be available if another agreement exists on the element.

4.5.2 Understanding Deleting Elements with Agreements

When an element with an applied agreements is deleted, existing service level data is retained in the Business Service Warehouse. However, the element must exist in order for the data to appear in service level reports. Recreating the deleted element with its preexisting name enables the service level reports to display any existing service level data in the Business Service Warehouse.

When using Business Service Configuration Manager (BSCM), be careful not to define agreements directly on the elements produced by BSCM, unless BSCM is set to not delete the elements during a scheduled generation process. Otherwise, the agreements are deleted whenever BSCM executes.