8.1 Viewing General Status Information

  1. In the Administration Console, click Devices > J2EE Agents.

    The table contains general information about each installed agent.




    Displays a list of all the J2EE Agents that can be managed from this console. Click the link of a particular agent to view or modify its general details.

    For more information, see Section 8.8, Viewing Platform Information.


    Indicates the configuration status of the agent. The possible states are pending, update, and current.

    • Current indicates that all configuration changes have been applied.

    • Update indicates that a configuration change has been madebut not applied. Click this link to apply the changes. You can select to have the agent read its complete configuration file (all configuration). When the embedded service provider (ESP) logging settings have been modified on the Identity Server, the update logging settings option is available.

    • Pending indicates that the agent is processing a configuration change but has not completed the process.


    Indicates whether the J2EE Agent is functional. Click the icon to view information about the operational status of an agent. For more information, see Section 8.2, Managing the Health of an Agent.


    Indicates whether any alerts have been sent. If the alert count is non-zero, click the link for information. For more information, see Section 8.4, Managing Alerts.


    Indicates whether any commands are pending. Click the link for information. For more information, see Section 8.9, Viewing the Status of Recent Commands.


    Provides a link to statistics pages. For more information, see Section 8.6, Viewing Statistics.


    Indicates the type of agent: JBoss, WebLogic, or WebSphere.


    Provides a link to the configuration page.

    For more information, see Section 5.0, Configuring the Basic Features of a J2EE Agent.

  2. To view information about one of the displayed options, click the corresponding link or icon.

  3. To update the list of agents and their health status, click Refresh.