8.6 Viewing Statistics

The following statistics allow you to monitor the sessions and run time of the J2EE Agent.

  1. In the Administration Console, click Devices > J2EE Agents > [Name of Agent] > Statistics.

  2. Select whether to monitor live or static statistics:

    • Statistics: Select this option to view the statistics as currently gathered. The page is static, and the statistics are not updated until you click Live Statistics Monitoring.

    • Live Statistics Monitoring: Select this option to view the statistics as currently gathered and to have them refreshed at the rate specified in the Refresh Rate field.

  3. Check the following statistics:



    Active Sessions

    Displays the number of sessions currently established on the J2EE server through the Access Manager. To view the most popular time for establishing sessions, click Graphs.

    Start Up Time

    Displays the time when the J2EE Agent was last started.

    Up Time

    Displays how long the J2EE Agent has been running since it was last started.

  4. Click Close.