8.2 Managing the Health of an Agent

If a J2EE Agent is functioning normally, its health icon is green. If the icon is any other color, you need to discover the cause.

  1. In the Administration Console, click Devices > J2EE Agents > [Name of Agent] > Health.

  2. If you think the information on the page might be stale, click Refresh.

  3. If you want to have the page refreshed with the information sent from the agent, click Update from Server.

  4. If the status icon does not turn green, view the information in the Services Detail section.

    For an agent, this includes information such as the following:

    Status Category

    If Not Healthy

    Services: Lists the Access Manager services that this agent has been configured to use.

    Check the status of the listed services.

    Authentication Provider: Indicates whether the agent has been configured to use an authentication contract and assigned a base URL.

    See Section 2.3, Configuring the Agent for Direct Access.

    Authorization Provider: Indicates whether the agent has been configured to use authorization policies before granting access.

    To view your configuration, click Devices > J2EE Agents > Edit > Manage authorization policies.

    For configuration information, see Section 6.1, Configuring Access Control.

    Enterprise Service Provider Configuration: Indicates whether the agent has a trusted relationship with an Identity Server. At least one Identity Server must be configured and set up as a trusted authentication source for the agent.

    See Section 2.3, Configuring the Agent for Direct Access and configure the Trusted Identity Configuration field.

    Configuration Datastore: Indicates whether the configuration datastore is functioning correctly.

    If it isn’t functioning correctly, you might need to restore the data from a backup.

    Signing and Encryption Keys: Indicates whether the Signing keystore contains a key.

    Click Devices > J2EE Agents > Edit > Service Provider Certificates > Signing, and replace the signing key in this keystore.

  5. Click Close.

If the status is not green, you should also check the following: