8.9 Viewing the Status of Recent Commands

Agent commands are issued when the configuration of the agent is modified and when the agent is stopped, started, or refreshed.

  1. In the Administration Console, click Devices > J2EE Agents > [Name of Agent] > Command Status.

    Viewing Command Status
  2. Select one of the following actions:

    • Delete: To delete a command, select the check box for the command, then click Delete. The selected command is cleared.

    • Refresh: To update the current cache of recently executed commands, click Refresh.

    • Name: To select all the commands in the list, click Name, then click Refresh or Delete.

  3. View the information. The following columns display information about each command:




    Contains the display name of the command. Select this link to view additional details about the command.


    Specifies the status of the command and includes states such as Pending, Incomplete, Executing, Succeeded, Failed, and Unsuccessful.


    Specifies the type of the command.


    Specifies whether the system or a user issued the command. If a user issued the command, the field contains the DN of the user.

    Date & Time

    Specifies when the command was issued. The date and time are displayed in local time.

  4. To view additional information about a command, click the name of the command.

  5. Click Close.