8.8 Viewing Platform Information

The General page displays version and platform information:

  1. In the Administration Console, click Devices > J2EE Agents > [Name of Agent].

    The fields that contain links transfer you to the page where you can edit the information. If the field is empty, click Edit to add a value.

  2. To view platform and version information, look at the following fields:

    Server Version: Specifies the version of the software currently installed on this J2EE Agent.

    Server Type: Specifies the type of server on which the J2EE Agent is installed (JBoss, WebLogic, or WebSphere for this release). Other types are in development.

    Server Platform: Specifies the operating system of the J2EE server.

  3. Click Close.

For information on how to modify the fields with links, see Section 5.4, Modifying the Display Name and Other Details and Section 5.5, Changing the IP Address of a J2EE Agent.