NetIQ SCIM Driver Implementation Guide

  NetIQ SCIM Driver Implementation Guide
    Understanding the SCIM Driver
      SCIM Driver Architecture
      SCIM Driver Packages
    Installing and Configuring SCIM Driver
      Plan Your Installation
      Installing the SCIM Driver
      Installing the SCIM Driver Files
      Extending Schema For Supporting Custom Attributes Required By SCIM Driver
      Installing the SCIM Driver Packages in Designer
      Configuring the SCIM Driver for a Connected Application
      Deploying, Starting and Activating the SCIM Driver
    Customizing the Driver for SCIM Services
      Creating and Configuring Java Extensions
      Modifying the JSON/XML Payload
    Managing the SCIM Driver
      Securing the Driver
      Upgrading the Driver
    Sample Deployment of SCIM Driver for Salesforce
      Creating a Connected App for Identity Manager in Salesforce
      Creating SCIM Driver Object for Connecting to Salesforce in Designer
      Global Configuration Values
      Sample SCIM Driver Use Cases for Salesforce
      Mapping Attributes for Salesforce
    SCIM Schema Utility
      Refreshing the Fetched Connected Application’s Schema
      Adding a New Resource to Schema Mapping Policy
      SCIM JSON Attribute Representation Using SCIM Schema Utility
    Driver Properties
      Global Configuration Values
    Trace Levels
    Mapping Attributes for Identity Manager and Connected Application
    Troubleshooting the Driver
      Hidden JSON Content in Output Transformation Policy Channels
      Troubleshooting Driver Processes
      Resource Attributes Modification Conflicts During Migration Operation
    Legal Notice