NetIQ Identity Manager Driver for SAP User Management Implementation Guide

  NetIQ Identity Manager Driver for SAP User Management Implementation Guide
    Understanding the SAP User Management Driver
      Supported SAP Versions
      Driver Concepts
      Driver Components
      Support for Standard Driver Features
    Installing the Driver Files
    Configuring the SAP System
      Defining Sending and Receiving Systems
      Creating a Distribution Model
      Creating a Port Definition
      Configuring SAP Gateway Ports
      Generating Partner Profiles
      Activating Central User Administration
      Creating a Communication (CPIC) User
      Configuring Secure Network Communications
    Testing the SAP JCO Client Connection
      What Does the Utility Do?
      Utility Prerequisites
      Running and Evaluating the Test
      Understanding Test Error Messages
    Creating a New Driver Object
      Creating an SAP User Account
      Creating the Driver Object in Designer
      Activating the Driver
      Adding Packages to an Existing Driver
    Upgrading an Existing Driver
      Supported Upgrade Paths
      What’s New
      Upgrading the Driver
    Customizing the Driver
      Modifying the Policies and the Filter
      Adding the Organizational Role Class
      Obtaining Company Address Data for User Objects
    Using the Driver in a Central User Administration Environment
      Configuring the Driver as a CUA Child System
      Using the Driver to Provision a CUA Landscape
      User Classification Settings (Licensing)
      Important CUA Integration Notes
    Managing the Driver
    Troubleshooting the Driver
      Using the DSTrace Utility
      Driver Errors
    Driver Properties
      Driver Configuration
      Global Configuration Values
    Application Link Enabling (ALE)
      Clients and Logical Systems
      Message Type
      IDoc Type
      Distribution Model
      Partner Profiles
      Port Definition
      File Port
      TRFC Port
    Business Application Programming Interfaces (BAPIs)
    Configuration and Deployment Notes
      SAP Object Types
      User Types: LOGONDATA:USTYP
      Output Controller Options
      Communication Types: ADDRESS:COMM_TYPE
      Date Formats: DEFAULTS:DATAFM
      Decimal Formats: DEFAULTS:DCPFM
      Computer Aided Test (CATT): DEFAULTS:CATTKENNZ
      Communication Comment Type to Table Mappings
      Language Codes
      Configuration Parameters
      Design Comments and Notes
    Example XML Document Received from the Driver
    Structured Format Example
    Setting and Clearing Granular Locks
    Using Wildcard Search Capabilities
    Trace Levels
    Legal Notices