4.2 Utility Prerequisites

Before you run the JCO Test utility, you must install the SAP JCO client for the desired platform. The JCO can only be obtained from the SAP Service Marketplace Web site. The download is free to any SAP software customer or development partner, but you are required to log in.

In order to configure the driver, you must first download the SAP JCO and install it. For installation instructions, refer to the documentation accompanying the SAP JCO.

Follow the installation instructions for your platform. Each installation requires you to set one or two environment variables such as CLASSPATH for the sapjco3.jar file location. For the UNIX platforms, set either the LD_LIBRARY_PATH or LIBPATH variables for the location of native support libraries. Ensure that these variables are set in the shell environment to run this test and for the subsequent use of the SAP User Management driver.

You must also make sure that you have your PATH environment variable set to include the path to your Java executable file. For Win32 platforms, the environment variables are set via the System configuration in the Control Panel. On UNIX systems, edit the appropriate .profile or .bash_profile to include and export these path variables.