3.0 Configuring the SAP System

You must configure the SAP system parameters to enable Application Link Enabling (ALE) and Central User Administration (CUA) processing of USERCLONE IDocs if you want to publish real-time changes of SAP User data to the Identity Vault. This configuration must be completed before you create the driver. Make sure you have sufficient rights to configure the distribution model and to distribute user data via ALE.

NetIQ follows SAP’s general guidelines for configuring BAPI (Business Application and Programming Interface) and ALE technologies for this integration solution. For information about BAPI, see Section C.0, Business Application Programming Interfaces (BAPIs). For information about ALE, see Section B.0, Application Link Enabling (ALE).

Complete the steps in the following sections in the order listed. The instructions are for SAP version 4.6C. If you are using a previous version of SAP, the configuration process is the same; however, the SAP interface will be different.