4.3 Components

The JCO Test utility consists of the UserJCO3Test.class file. The format of an execution batch or script file varies, depending on the platform on which the JCO client has been installed.

The basic content of the file includes a path to the Java executable (or just java if your PATH is appropriately configured), and the name of the UserJCO3Test.class file. A sample UNIX script file and Win32 batch file is listed separately for the UserJCO3Test.class file.

UserJCO3Test.class: The sapjco3.jar is in the executable directory of the UserJCO3Test.class file and the batch file.

Win32 jco3test.bat file
java -classpath %CLASSPATH%;. UserJCO3Test

Unix jco3test file
java User3JCOTest

You must use proper slash notation when specifying pathnames, and you must use the proper classpath delimiter for the platform. You must also remember that the name of the sapjco3.jar file is case-sensitive on UNIX platforms and that the name of the test class, UserJCO3Test, must be specified with proper case for any platform.