4.0 Testing the SAP JCO Client Connection

The driver uses the SAP Java Connector (JCO) and Business Application Programming Interface (BAPI) technologies to connect to and integrate data with the Identity Vault. The SAP JCO is a SAP client that creates service connections to a SAP R/3 system. After the driver is connected to the R/3 system, it calls methods on business objects within the R/3 system via BAPI.

The SAP Java Connector Test utility enables you to check for JCO installation and configuration issues. Use the JCO Test utility to validate installation and connectivity to the SAP JCO client, as well as testing for accessibility to the BAPIs used by the driver.

Ensure that you are using JDK/JRE version 1.7.0_65 or later.

The following sections apply to JCO versions 3.x: