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Sentinel Release Notes
15 Feb 2017 ...Sentinel and Sentinel 8.0: 1.1 Sentinel Main Interface The Sentinel web console is now referred to as the Sentinel Main interface. 1.2 Threat Response Dashboard Sentinel introduces the Threat Response Dashboard, which provides an overview of your

Sentinel Agent Manager 8.0 Release Notes
15 Feb 2017 ...Sentinel Agent Manager 8.0 Release Notes. Sentinel Agent Manager 8.0 Release Notes January 2017 Sentinel Agent Manager 8.0 resolves several previous issues. Many of these improvements were made in direct response to suggestions from our customers. We thank

Solaris BSM events drop session id when escalating privileges. (7018623)
15 Feb 2017 ...This document (7018623) is provided subject to the disclaimer at the end of this document. Environment NetIQ Sentinel 7.x and 8.x Sentinel Server Situation Sentinel UNIX agent 7.4 is not forwarding the Effective UserName field to Sentinel for BSM events.

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14 Feb 2017 ...Plug-ins and documentation for Collectors, Connectors, Solution Packs, Actions, and Integrators) Previous Releases view last update Sentinel 7.4 Sentinel 7.3 Sentinel 7.2 Sentinel 7.1 Sentinel 7.0

How to fix issues with Sentinel custom DataSync RDD policies configured with Oracle 11g Database to utilize the newly changed Event Data limit from 4k to 8k. (7018604)
9 Feb 2017 the end of this document. Environment NetIQ Sentinel 8.0 Sentinel Server Situation Sentinel older version’s support max of 4k event data size. After upgrading to Sentinel 8.0 or above with 8k event data size support, the DataSync policies fail to

MSDTC will not connect on cloned Window servers (7018535)
26 Jan 2017 ...Services. For more information about configuring Sentinel Agent Manager to work with firewalls, see   Section A.0, Installing and Configuring Sentinel Agent Manager Document Document ID: 7018535 Creation Date: 01-26-2017 Modified Date: 01-26-2017 Novell

Configuring Sentinel Link to Use Sentinel as the Sender and EAS as the Receiver - Administrator Guide to NetIQ Identity Reporting
25 Jan 2017 ...the user novell without password credentials. Download the Sentinel Link Solution from Sentinel Link Solution Downloads . Unzip the downloaded Sentinel Link Solution package. Start Sentinel Control Center. Import the new Integrator for the Sentinel Link

Sentinel has been released Articles/Tips
18 Jan 2017 ...Sentinel has been released. You can upgrade to Sentinel from Sentinel 7.2 or later. This release includes fixes for security flaws and customer issues. Helpful Resources Release Notes:

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16 Jan 2017 ...Release Notes 09/29/2016 - Sentinel 7.4.2 Release Notes 06/30/2016 - Sentinel 7.4.1 Release Notes 03/04/2016 - Sentinel 7.4 Release Notes Sentinel 7.3 Sentinel 7.2 Sentinel 7.1 Sentinel 7.0

Understanding Device Attribute Definitions - NetIQ Agent Manager User Guide
13 Jan 2017 ...create a device group in the Sentinel console, you can choose from a list of predefined or custom computer attributes. You can also create a custom computer attribute during the device group creation process. Sentinel Agent Manager places computers with

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