4.3 Web Interface Toolbar

The PlateSpin Transformation Manager Web Interface toolbar gives you access to the key product features described in Table 4-2.

Figure 4-1 PlateSpin Web Interface Toolbar

Table 4-2 Toolbar Options




The Dashboard tab provides a summary view of status and health information about workload transformations. Information is restricted based on the permissions associated with the user’s assigned role.

All users except the Dashboard user can also view the following information in the Dashboard:

  • What’s Happening

  • Bookmarks

  • Recently Viewed

See Section 14.1, Using the Dashboard.


The Planning tab allows you to configure the following information for your transformation project:

  • Projects

  • Waves

  • Batches

  • Applications

  • Workloads

For information about setting up a project and scheduling waves and batches, see Section IV, Planning Transformation Projects.

For information about importing workload information and planning workload transformations, see Section V, Workloads.


The Users tab allows you to configure the following elements for your transformation project:

  • Organizations

  • Users

  • Groups

See Section III, Users.


The Resources tab allows you to configure the following network information for your transformation project:

  • Credentials

  • Hosts

  • Migration Servers

  • Networks

  • Datastores

  • Resource Pools

  • Environments

See Section VI, Resources.


The Configuration tab allows the System Administrator to perform the following tasks:

  • Licenses

  • Migrate Connector

  • Operating Systems

See Section II, Configuration.

Global Project Selector

The Global Project Selector narrows the scope globally to a single project for the information displayed and acted on. When it is enabled, the dialogs automatically complete fields for the project and its parent organization.

See Section 4.4, Global Project Selector.


The Bookmarks menu provides a list of bookmarks to pages, dialogs, and queries that the logged-in user has made.

See Section 4.7, Bookmarks.


The Help menu provides links to help pages for your current location, help for common tasks, a link to online documentation, and information about the product.