4.4 Global Project Selector

If you have permissions to work with multiple projects, the Global Project Selector helps you focus on workloads and resources for a single project at a time. The Global Project Selector sets the global scope to a single project for the information displayed and acted on. When it is enabled, the dialogs throughout the product automatically complete fields for the project and its parent organization. It applies a filter to all tables to display only the components assigned to or associated with the selected project. It also adds the custom fields that are defined for the project to the Advanced Search form and the Bulk Edit form.

When a project is selected, the Global Project Selector displays the name of the project and the logo for the project’s parent organization, if it is available.

To add the project-level filter:

  1. Click the Global Project Selector arrow to open a list of projects.

  2. Locate and select the appropriate project. You can scroll or filter the list to locate the project of interest.

    The selected page refreshes the list to display objects only for the selected project.

To remove the project-level filter:

  1. Mouse over the displayed project name and logo in Global Project Selector area, then click the X to remove the project filter.

    The selected page refreshes the list to display objects for all projects the user has permissions to view.