4.4 Configuring Notifications for Migrations

4.4.1 Using the Migrate Client

You can set up a migration job to automatically send email notifications about status and progress to a specified address:

  • Job events: Job status messages such as Completed, Recoverable Error, and Failed.

  • Job progress: Detailed job progress messages at configurable intervals.

You can specify SMTP server and email account details either during the migration job or globally. See Configuring the Notification Service.

To configure automatic email notifications:

  1. Start the migration job. For information about starting a migration job, see Using the Migrate Client.

  2. In the Job Configuration section of the Migration Job window, click Alerts and configure the required options.

  3. Click OK.

4.4.2 Using the Web Interface

  1. Set up an SMTP server for PlateSpin Migrate to use. See SMTP Configuration.

  2. In the PlateSpin Migrate Web Interface, click Settings > Email > Report Notification Settings.

  3. Select the Enable Report Notifications Reports option.

  4. In the Report Recurrence section, click Edit and specify the required recurrence pattern for the reports.

  5. In the Recipients section, click Edit Recipients to specify the required email addresses separated by commas and click OK.

  6. (Optional) In the Migrate Access URL section, specify a non-default URL for your PlateSpin Server. For example, if your PlateSpin Server host has more than one NIC or is located behind a NAT server. This URL affects the title of the report and the functionality of accessing relevant content on the server through hyperlinks within emailed reports.

  7. Click Save.

For information on other types of reports that you can generate and view on demand, see Generating Workload and Workload Migration Reports.