6.3 Monitoring SLAs, Breaches, Outages and Element Statuses

The status of elements and SLAs can be monitored in both the Operations Center console and dashboard:

6.3.1 Operations Center Console

The Operations Center console provides two options for monitoring the status of SLAs:

  • Service Level Agreement property page

  • Network view

The property pages for an element include a Service Level Agreement page. The Status tab of the Service Level Agreement property page displays a status summary for the SLA status, as well as its objectives:

Figure 6-2 Status on the Service Level Agreements Property Page

Obtain additional details for each and view the details for the root cause of any warnings or violations.

The Network view is available for any element in the Operations Center hierarchy. View the relationships for an element or a Service Level Agreement. Service Level Agreement and objectives are located in the hierarchy under Enterprise.

6.3.2 Operations Center Dashboard

The Operations Center dashboard has portlets that display basic data about elements, such as status, root cause of the current condition, and other elements impacted by the element, as well as SLA reporting portlets: